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On Thursday June 18th, 2015 at 1.20pm, Once the musical came home to Dublin’s Grafton Street as the entire cast gathered together to perform some of the best-loved songs from the award-winning show including the Oscar-winning ‘Falling Slowly’ and ‘Leave’.
Crowds gathered to hear Tom Parsons (‘Guy’) busk and then got a pleasant surprise when Megan Riordan (‘Girl’) joined him to sing ‘Falling Slowly’. The rest of the cast emerged from shops and cafes to join them and they finished with a rousing singalong of ‘Rocky Road To Dublin’ and ‘Red Haired Mary’.
The stunning music was performed by the brilliant cast of actor-musicians; Tom Parsons as Guy, Megan Riordan as Girl, Sandra Dowd Callaghan as Baruska, Jamie Cameron as Bank Manager,  Phelim Drew as Billy, Lisa Fox as Ex-Girfriend, Bob Kelly as Eamon, Michael Mahony as Emcee, Bill Murphy as Da, Dylan Reid as Andrej, Rickie O’Neill as Svec and Ruth Westley as Reza.
Once the Musical has captured hearts around the world with its touching love story, glorious music and irresistible humour. Bringing it all back home to Grafton Street was an unforgettable experience.